YASHICA digiFilm camera Y35 Launch Combo

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World’s 1st digiFilm system and the Unprecedented camera Y35 by YASHICA.

digiFilm Camera Y35 recaptures the joy and meaning of analogue photography with the magic and ease of digiFilm system.

digiFilm is the image controller of photo. Different digiFilm has unique style and distinct effect opening up endless possibilities. digiFilm is loaded into Y35 camera applying sophisticated effect to photo at the moment it is taken. digiFilm is not consumed. Photo is stored at SD card. The photo effect is straight out from digiFilm and Y35 camera without any post production.

Say for Black and White photo, just load a digiFilm B&W and shoot.

Y35 digiFilm camera delivers the mood, sensation an appearance of analogue photography. Load digiFilm as film cartridge A brief pause is required to wind lever before shooting
Every Y35 image is real. No gratification of review screen. No deletion button.

YASHICA digiFilm System is patent pending.

Of endless possibilities, digiFilm makes you masterpiece at your fingertips.

digiFilm camera Y35 Launch Combo

Enjoy the extraordinary photography experience using the full set of 6 digiFilm

? digiFilm Camera Y35
? digiFilm – YASHICA blue
? digiFilm – in my fancy
? digiFilm – 200
? digiFilm – B&W
? digiFilm – 1600
? digiFilm – 6×6


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