Women pants French linen cotton trousers loose and breathable

保养说明:水温低于30度,建议用手洗。 如果您需要使用机洗,建议将其放入洗衣袋中,以防止织物被损坏或拉扯。 请避免使用碱性清洁剂。 洗完后,轻轻拧干,反面悬挂,然后自然晾干,以免爆晒。Care instructions: The water temperature is below 30 degrees, it is recommended to wash by hand. If you need to use a machine wash, it is recommended to put it in a laundry bag to prevent the fabric from being damaged or pulled. Please avoid using alkaline cleaners. After washing, gently wring it out, hang it on the reverse side, and then dry it naturally to avoid exploding.

$ 341.16 $ 182.21

Comfortable prewash
French linen is like this
Easy to skin.

Color: beige, black, red
Fabric material: cotton and linen
Soft and delicate texture, strong affinity, sweat absorption

Size: one size
Size: unit CM
One size: pants length 80 waist circumference 56-78 hips 100


Beige, black, RED


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