Tenga Vacuum controller

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqBXMuP-nmc]

The ultimate vacuum toy from Tenga, feel the intense pleasure of vacuum suction. Tenga Vacuum controller is equipped with a powerful motor to let you adjust the inner air vacuum of Tenga cups. Tenga is so proud of this invention, the CEO of Tenga demonstrated how this cup is able to suck on a 2 liter soft drink in the air. With a two buttons only user friendly design, and can control the action easily while relaxing on your bed. This product can fit with five unique Tenga cups.

$ 685.24

Tenga Vacuum controller
– fully automatic
– strong motor
– adjustable suction
– user-friendly
– powerful suction
– operates with 4 x AAA
– 70 minutes battery life
– compatible with 5 Tenga cups

Imported from Japan


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