Tenga MOOVA plane cup

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Tenga MOOVA plane cup, through the new design, you can do so when the suction sucking force to the cup body automatically rotate the tightening of the magic effect. The outer design of the rubber, so that the cup body can make a distorted effect, the top with stomata, the player can freely adjust the suction force. The liner is made of white silicone, can be turned to clean, and the inner pattern with two different structures, give you two different freshness. Plus a cup body with a dry rack design, very convenient.
Tenga MOOVA 飛機杯 -白色軟版Tenga MOOVA 飛機杯 -白色軟版Tenga MOOVA 飛機杯 -白色軟版Tenga MOOVA 飛機杯 -白色軟版Tenga MOOVA 飛機杯 -白色軟版Tenga MOOVA 飛機杯 -白色軟版Tenga MOOVA 飛機杯 -白色軟版Tenga MOOVA 飛機杯 -白色軟版Tenga MOOVA 飛機杯 -白色軟版

$ 465.22 $ 364.42

– non-through design
– Soft shell design
– The shell will be twisted along with the suction strength
– Complex pipe design
– Length 16cm
– deep 7cm
– Insert length 14cm
– Smelly
– small oil
– with air dry rack
– Packets with a pack of oil
Introduced by Japan


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