Tenga – Flip 0 (Zero)

Spent 10 years, the aircraft cup level again evolved !! The new Tenga – Flip 0 (Zero) finally unborn. This aircraft cup is based on the acclaimed Flip Hole as a blueprint, and then to improve and evolve. More powerful sensuality, higher sense of sip, more avant-garde design sense !! Washing convenience will continue to maintain the previous standard, simple, direct, with large buttons on the cup, due to the preferences of home users to exert pressure on the key locations , Let you feel a higher sense of excitement. More black version of the black body than the white, more exciting, if you think the white version can not meet the thrill of your pursuit of excitement, the black version must not be missed!

$ 1,008.01 $ 874.64

Non-through design
– 3D pipe construction
– Soft Glue  Made of advanced medical silicone
– Suck sipping strong
– There are holes in the top
– Odorless
– small oil
– easy to clean
– Has a dry rack
– easy to collect
– comes with Tenga Hole Lotion red 2 packs (10ml each)
Made in Japan

Introduced by Japan


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