Tenga – Flip 0 (Zero) once again reborn, once again evolved, the new TENGA FLIP 0 (ZERO) ELECTRONIC VIBRATION, in the highly acclaimed Tenga – Flip 0 (Zero) added a very powerful vibrator, let you In the enjoyment of a very comfortable sense of the same time, but also into the strong vibration of pleasure! Plus a total of five different vibration mode, let you layer by layer to try and challenge. Cup body as a whole waterproof design, do not worry about leakage, burn, etc. trouble, even if you have a ZERO, can not miss this new TENGA FLIP 0 (ZERO) ELECTRONIC VIBRATION !!

$ 1,705.86 $ 1,669.42

“>http://[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YE8I5wsgVTM&w=560&h=315]– non-through design
– 3D pipe construction
– Soft rubber bits are made with advanced medical silicone
– strong suction strength
– Porosity at the top
– with strong vibrator
– Five vibration modes
– mute
– Cup body full waterproof design
– odorless
– small oil
– Easy to clean
– with dry rack
– Convenient collection
– Charging time 90 minutes available 40 minutes
– with Tenga Hole Lotion
– Charger included

Introduced by Japan


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