Tenga EGG – 6 in a pack

Tenga EGG always has that simple and clean look. The silicone structure is different for each egg. It’s the top male pleasure object. Incomparable with similar products from other brands


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1) Peel the package film off the egg along the perforations.
2) Remove the egg cap, take out the egg white and add the bundled lubricant.
3) Insert your penis carefully.
4) Gain pleasant and most excited feeling by twisting and stroking inside the egg.
5) After use, put the egg white back to the egg cap and dispose it with regular trash according to the waste treatment regulation of your local residential area.
1) This product is a disposable and not intended for repeated use.
2) DO NOT share this product with any other person.
3) DO NOT use when you have open sores around your genital area.
4) DO NOT place any object inside the egg for use.
5) DO NOT heat or cool the egg for use.
6) If you feel it is too exciting or feel dizzy during use, stop using immediately.
7) This product is odorless and white in color. If your TENGA Egg has any foul smell, discoloration, foreign objects, or the seal has been tampered with, please stop using and contact us.


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