Souyi – SY-089 vacuum cleaner超靜音充電式直立吸塵機

* 9000pa powerful suction, and then rotate the air in a cyclonic manner, so that high-speed vacuum centrifugal force will increase the suction force.
* 2KG is extremely lightweight and ergonomically designed for long-term use
* No dust bag, easy to use, water cleaning design, easy to clean and daily maintenance
* Multi-angle rotating brush head can flex 120 degrees of steering, even if it is difficult to clean the position, it can be easily cleaned
* Only 65 decibels during operation
* Extra large rechargeable battery, can operate continuously for 20-30 minutes after being fully charged
* Two-in-one design, can be hand-held after removing the long handle, convenient for the car or higher position
* With round brush and flat suction, it is turned into hand-held operation, which is convenient for small area cleaning (such as computer, doll, sofa, bed)
* Japanese manufacturer R & D and design, confidence guarantee
* Three-pin plug for Hong Kong, in compliance with the specifications of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department

* 9000pa強大吸力,再以氣旋方式將空氣旋轉技術,從而帶出高速真空離心力將吸力再提高
* 2KG極輕巧機身配以人體工學設計,適合長時間使用
* 不需塵袋,易拆式可用水清洗設計,方便清潔及日常保
* 多角度旋轉刷頭可靈活120度轉向,就算是較難清潔位置,都可以輕鬆打掃
* 操作時只有65分貝
* 特大充電式電量,充滿電後可連續操作20-30分鐘
* 二合一設計,拆除長柄後可手持操作,方便車廂或較高位置使用
* 附有圓刷和扁吸,轉成手持式操作,方便小面積打掃 (如電腦、公仔、沙發、床)
* 日本廠商研發及設計,信心保證
* 合香港用三腳插頭,符合機電署規格

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