[SPF50+, PA++++]

◯It is the sunscreen with the strongest *UV effect to perform skin care.
◯It is skin care ingredient 50% combination.
◯It becomes stronger when I touch sweat, the water.
◯It is the sunscreen for a face, the body of the “aqua booster EX” deployment.
◯I can remove it with soap smoothly.
◯The super waterproof that water resistance has been confirmed on the bath test for 80 minutes.
*I mean a waterproof effect in SPF50+, PA++++ and アネッサ “to be the strongest”.

◯It is for a face, a body.
◯It is available at the time of going out of the strong sunlight the sea, pool sports leisure.
◯As it is two levels of types, please use it after being stirred up well.
[when I use it for a face, a neck]
◯It is usable as the makeup groundwork.
◯I take a one yen coin size in a palm and put it in five places (both cheeks, sum, nose, chin) of the face and, in the last of the morning care, stretch it out carefully to the every corner of the face and let you be familiar.
(when he/she does not use the foundation, I take the same amount once again and do stack pickles)
◯When I rank a neck, I take a 10 yen coin size and let you be familiar towards the top from the bottom. I let you be familiar without leaving the ear and nape part.
[when I use it for a body]
◯I fully take it out of a container on the skin linearly directly.
◯I let the whole palm fit skin and let you be familiar evenly to create a big circle although seeming to be wide.

◯If there is little consumption, enough ultraviolet rays defense effects are not provided.
◯You sweat, and please repaint it as needed after having wiped it with a towel.
◯Please attach it again every 2-3 hours to keep an effect.
◯Please attach the parts such as the one that is sensitive to ultraviolet rays or a shoulder, a chest, a sum, a nose, the cheeks bone which are easy to tan depending on the situation again.
◯After having strongly wiped it with a towel, please attach it by all means again.
◯When skin gets wet, please attach it after taking the moisture.
◯When you drop it, please usually wash it away for washing charges of the errand carefully.

◯Please be careful not to get into eyes. When you enter, please wash it away with water or tepid water immediately.
◯After use, you wipe off the lips of the container neatly, and please close a cap properly.
◯Please put it out of reach of infants.
◯Please be careful about fire.
◯Please do not put it to a place and the high temperature that the day is.
◯When clothes gain it, please wash it away with a detergent carefully immediately. As you change color in pink, please avoid the use of the chlorine-based bleach.
◯When you arrive other than clothes, please wipe it off immediately. As it discolors and may damage it, please be careful that furniture, an accessory, a nail, leather products do not have it enough.
◯When you can rub skin after having attached it with the seats of clothes and the car, please be careful as you may stay white.

ジメチコン, water, zinc oxide, ethanol, methoxyKay arsenic acid ethyl hexyl, talc, myristate isopropyl, methyl methacrylate cross polymer, cyclo pentasiloxane, isododecane, octocrilene, titanium oxide, PEG -9 ポリジメチルシロキシエチルジメチコン, diethylamino hydroxy benzoylbenzoic acid hexyl, glycerin, sebacic acid diisopropyl, (ビニルジメチコン / メチコンシルセスキオキサン) cross polymer, silica, palmitic acid dextrin, xylitol, トリメチルシロキシケイ acid, screw ethyl hexyloxyphenol methoxyphenyl triazine, PEG/PPG-14/7 dimethyl ether, Na chloride, tea extract, cherry tree leaf extract, カニナバラ fruit extract, acetyl hyaluronic acid Na, トルメンチラ root extract, aloe seawife leaf extract, solution collagen ,PPG-17, triethoxy Capri Lil silane, isostearic acid, ジステアリルジモニウムクロリド, ジステアルジモニウムヘクトライト, hydroxylation Al, stearic acid ,EDTA-3Na,BHT, tocopherol, isopropanol ,BG, pillow sulfurous acid Na, phenoxy ethanol, fragrance

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