Pola – (limited edition) Wrinkle Shot Medical Serum 20g + BA Lotion 8ml + BA Protector 9g (Parallel Imports)


Pola – (limited edition) Wrinkle Shot Medical Serum 20g + BA Lotion 8ml + BA Protector 9g (Parallel Imports Product)

POLA has been making frequent efforts recently. First, the technology of Aurora Essence won the Nobel Prize. Then the Japanese pharmaceutical administration officially acknowledged that the skin care products of POLA have a significant effect on improving wrinkles.

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✦How to use
Use it in the morning and evening, apply a proper amount to areas with fine lines or wrinkles, such as crow’s feet, striated lines, raised lines, neck lines, etc. For topical use, no full face application is required. The order of use is: Water – Full Face Essence – This topical anti-wrinkle essence – lotion – cream. If used with eye cream, please use it in front of the eye cream.
✧ Each can be used for four months (single part), four months and one cycle, which can reduce the wrinkle depth by 34%!

1. Please keep out of reach of young children.
2. Do not use parts such as eye mucosa.
3. Do not use if there is a wound or a red, swollen or puncture.
4. Do not rub your eyes if you enter your eyes. Rinse with water. If you feel unwell, seek medical attention as soon as possible.
5. In order to avoid eating and maintaining quality, please do not exchange with other containers.
6. If there is any rash, redness, itching, irritation, pain, heat or peeling during use, please stop using it. If it does not improve after using it, please stop using it and ask the pharmacist or doctor.

✦Capacity: Medical Serum 20g + Lotion 8ml + Protector 9g

✦Origin: Japan
(Parallel Imports Product)


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