Pola – Inner Liftia Collagen & Placenta 30bags

Mainly made up of thick collagen made by Japanese POLA
Each contains up to 1000mg of collagen, which is incomparable to other collagen products.
With hyaluronic acid, iron (10mg) and other beauty ingredients, collagen can be absorbed more effectively, making your skin more elastic and maintaining your healthy and beautiful skin every day.

Moreover, in order to make iron easier to absorb, POLA has specially added OGA ingredients in this product to make the iron component absorb better.

$ 1,705.79 $ 1,698.04

Please observe the target amount of intake for one day.
Please refer to the materials, such as those who are allergic to the above food, please do not eat
At the same time, according to your physical and physical condition, if you feel unwell, please stop taking it.
For those who are taking medicine or receiving treatment, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult a doctor.

POLA Inner Liftia Collagen & Placenta Collagen Powder

The most easily absorbed collagen material
Made from safe and pure deep-sea fish (scale extraction of red pine), rich in 6000mg
Soluble in the human body is absorbed and utilized to meet the daily needs of the human body

Low molecular weight collagen
Generally, the molecular weight of collagen is between 100,000 and 300,000 Daltons. It has a large molecular weight and is not easily decomposed and absorbed by the human body.
POLA uses the most easily absorbed collagen material with a molecular weight ranging from 3000 to 5000 Daltons.

Exclusively combined with iron + vitamin C, promotes the effective synthesis of collagen, and iron can eliminate dark circles and dullness, restore pink, bright and healthy skin!

Very delicious grape and rose blends, sweet and sour
A small pack of 1.8g, easy to drink every day


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