Pola – B.a The Tablet Refill 180 Tablets Anti-aging 90d From Japan

✦ Edible method:
2 capsules on the 1st, about 3 months

✦ Intimate reminder: If you have an allergic condition, please stop using it immediately.

✦ Origin: Japan

✦ Product specifications: 180 capsules

$ 1,860.49 $ 1,821.73


Pola – B.A Firming Skin Anti-Sugar Pills 180 Capsules (parallel import)

✦Product introduction
The saccharification reaction in the skin field means that the skin is too slow to metabolize, causing excess sugar to swim in the blood vessels throughout the day. Excess sugar will adhere to the collagen, causing the collagen to break or disorder, and the skin will wrinkle. , showing blackheads, becoming rough and dark. The saccharification reaction has nothing to do with age and skin quality. It is a problem that any age will face. Therefore, anti-aging is anti-glycation. It starts to be maintained one day earlier and delays aging one day later! POLA’s top-grade B.A anti-sugar pill can moisturize the skin from the inside out, giving you a full, lustrous and tension-prone skin.

All blended YAC extracts from the B.A skin care line. In addition, it is formulated with herb quartettes, collagen peptides, olive fruit extracts, and collagen-resistant anti-aging beauty tablets extracted from four herbaceous plants. It has moisturizing, firming and anti-aging from the inside out, increasing the transparency of the skin and providing support for your beauty.


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