PILLBOX – PILLBOX ONAKA Reduces Belly Fat Dietary Nutrients 60 Tablets

Estimated intake per day: Please take 4 tablets per day as a guide.

Content of functional ingredients (per 4 tablets): 35 mg of isoflavone from Taku’s flower (as tectorigenin)

Method of ingestion: Please ingest with water or lukewarm water without chewing. Please consume immediately after opening.

Cautions on intake: Diseases are not healed due to high intake, and health is not promoted more. If you are pregnant or have a possibility of pregnancy please consult your doctor.

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Usage notes

– Since this product uses natural products, there are variations in colour / flavour depending on the harvest season, etc., but there is no problem with quality.

– Although spots derived from raw materials are sometimes seen, there is no problem with quality.

– As we have desiccant, please be careful not to eat.

– This product is not intended for the diagnosis, treatment, prevention of disease.


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