MiNT InstantFlex TL70 2.0

InstantFlex TL70 2.0
The World’s First Twin Lens Instant Camera

By creating something no other instant camera has ever offered before
InstantFlex TL70 is a carefully designed twin lens instant film camera inspired by Rolleiflex and Polaroid.
The roots of TL70 are implanted in the classic twin lens camera. An engineering masterpiece that synchronizes elegance and function. A timeless camera that stands the test of time.

Experience an entirely new angle
A well-designed camera aims to bring out the best photography in you. But it can also make you fall in love with the entire shooting experience. The viewfinder uses a bright anti-glare coated glass pane that yields a cinematic view of the world.
Focusing guide
The focusing guide gives you a 1:1 preview of your image. The grid is rectangular and exactly the same as the Instax mini film.

Focus and Aperture control in an instant camera infinitely more possibilities.
Aperture control gives the TL70 its amazing versatility to produce mesmerizing depth of field.
Create the spatial levels incredibly on images with the largest aperture f/5.6 among all instant cameras!

Make Extraordinary Pictures
Depth of field isolates the subject from its background and foreground. Things that might be distracting to the viewer disappear, and focus is on the subject. Perfect for Portrait Photography.

Brighten Up Your Day
A larger aperture allows more light to enter your photos. Which means you can turn off the flash! Adjustable apertures allows the greatest flexibility to take photos in every lighting condition.

Only Possible With TL70
Turn the aperture to f/5.6 and enjoy an extraordinary depth of field. It is the largest aperture you could find among all instax cameras! Enjoy the beautiful moments that only TL70 can bring you.

Amazing Features Surprisingly Simple
Shoot indoors with the built-in flash. Turn it off to set a mood. Play with the wide range of apertures without worrying about metering.
The TL70 is designed to be the most versatile instant camera, yet so simple to use.

Make memories today with a camera that lasts forever
TL70 is meant to be a timeless camera you will still be using a decade from now. Forget about chasing megapixels. TL70 can be your companion for life.

InstantFlex TL70 2.0 A Timeless Camera For Everyone
The roots of TL70 2.0 are implanted in the classic twin lens camera. An engineering masterpiece that synchronizes elegance and function. Experience the thrill as soon as you pick up this timeless camera, professionally designed so that even an amateur can handle.

An ordinary camera is about the pictures. An extraordinary camera is about the experience, the people, and the pictures.
Photography is an extension of our lives. Whether you’re with friends on a day trip, attending a formal wedding luncheon, or doing street photography alone, TL70 is your perfect companion. It floats effortlessly around your shoulder and it only takes a few seconds to put smiles on people’s faces.

A timeless camera stands the test of time.

Designed for every adventure. Made to make memories last.

Make a statement of friendliness with class.

It takes your imagination to the next level in an instant.

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Specifications of InstantFlex TL70 2.0:
Apertures: f/5.6, f/8, f/16, f/22, f/bokeh
Lens: 3-elements, aspherical lenses, f=61 mm (2.4 inches)
Focusing distance: 48 cm (18.89 inches) – ∞ (manual focus)
Shutter speed: 1/500 – 1 sec (A mode), maximum 10 secs (B mode – slow shutter)
Viewfinder: Fresnel Viewfinder
Exposure control: EV+/-1
Flash: Built-in electric flash with Automatic Light Emission Control
Battery: 3 AA Batteries (included)
Film: Fujifilm Instax Mini Films (see sample shots ➞)
Adapters: Tripod mount and neck strap holder
Dimension: 141 x 102 x 80.2mm (5.55 x 4.01 x 3.15 inches)
Weight: (camera only) 525 grams (18.51 ounces)
Box set contains: TL70 2.0 camera, lens cap, user manual, warranty guide, and 3 AA batteries


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