MINON – Amino Moist Mask 4pcs (Pink)


MINON – Amino Moist Mask 4pcs

✦Item Description
Amino acids are important moisturizing factors in the stratum corneum and have water that locks the skin. Such as the loss of a large number of amino acids it will lead to stratum corneum muscle disorders vulnerable to external stimulation the skin becomes dry and rough. Minon amino acid moisturizing mask contains nine kinds of skin indispensable amino acids and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid moisture and penetration is extremely high.

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✦How to use:
1. 早晚潔面後,取適當份量於掌心
2. 均勻塗抹全面
3. 輕輕按摩拍打至吸收

若使用中有異常情況請立即停止使用,並向 醫生求診

✦Made in Japan

✦Net Conten: 4pcs


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