Micro Sun Mobility Bed Rail床邊護欄 (高度可調)


它融合在你的臥室裡- 就像另一塊家具,保持你家的舒服感覺。
人體力學把手 – 可方便轉移和上下床
4個側袋- 貼身物品就放在附近
防滑裝置- 固定床欄在床褥和床架之間
高度調節- 適用於任何家中或醫院的床上
安裝簡便 – 在幾秒鐘內安裝,無需工具
高度(地面至手柄最高點): 可自行調較21-44吋
高度(床褥底至手柄最高點): 可自行調較17.5-22.5吋
高度(地面至床褥底之橫垂支架): 可自行調較13.5-21.5吋
闊度: 19吋
深度(橫垂支架在床褥底): 25吋
活動支撐手柄: 可拋出距離床19吋
支架可負重: 300 磅
產品重量: 10.5 磅
包裝尺寸: 16.25 x 24 x 2.875吋
物料: 鋼架並表面塗上耐用保護層
注意: 床褥必須最少6吋厚方能安裝

Mobility Bed Rail has The foot of the bed bar extends to the ground to give you more stability when standing, and the bed bar also prevents the night from falling out of bed. And like all of Stander’s products, it fuses in your bedroom – just like another piece of furniture that keeps your home comfortable.
improve stability when standing
Ergonomic handle – can be easily transferred and get out of bed
4 side bags – personal items on the nearby
Anti-skid device – fixed bed bar between mattress and bed frame
Height adjustment – apply to any home or hospital bed
Easy to install – install in a few seconds without tools
product manual
Height (ground to handle the highest point): can be adjusted by 21-44 inches
Height (bed top to handle the highest point): can be adjusted by 17.5-22.5 inches
Height (ground to the mattress bottom of the horizontal stent): can be adjusted by 13.5-21.5 inches
Width: 19 inches
Depth (horizontal stent in bed): 25 inches
Activity support handle: can be thrown from the bed 19 inches
Stent weight: 300 lbs
Product weight: 10.5 pounds
Package size: 16.25 x 24 x 2.875 inches
Material: steel frame and the surface coated with durable protective layer
Note: mattress must be at least 6 inches thick before installation

$ 1,550.32 $ 1,395.29


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