Micro Sun — Hexagon GEL Seat cushion

● 適合人士:手術後病患者、痔瘡患者、孕婦、長期臥床者、久坐工作者

● 凝膠無毒性,防敏感,透氣佳,防菌,吸濕,使用者感到舒適清涼乾爽

● 有助預防壓力瘡形成

● 凝膠物料有效減去皮膚所受的剪力和磨擦力

● 可有效卸去臀部壓力,為褥瘡患者提供極佳的減壓效果,並可減輕痔瘡帶來的痛楚

● 獨特蜂巢設計,包圍及承托臀部,有效分散壓力

● 可減輕久坐引起腰酸背痛

● 外套袋採用透氣性強,吸水力的物料

● 座墊可用清水清洗

● 外套袋可用洗衣機或手洗

● Suitable for: post-operative patients, acne sufferers, pregnant women, bedridden, sedentary workers

● Gel is non-toxic, anti-sensitive, breathable, anti-bacterial, hygroscopic, users feel comfortable and cool

● Helps prevent pressure sore formation

● The gel material effectively reduces the shear and friction of the skin

● It can effectively remove the buttocks pressure, provide excellent decompression effect for acne patients, and reduce the pain caused by hemorrhoids

● Unique honeycomb design, surrounded and supporting buttocks, effectively dispersing pressure

● can reduce sedentary causes back pain

● The coat bag is made of breathable, absorbent material

● Seat cushion can be cleaned with clean water

● coat bag can be used washing machine or hand wash

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