Micro Sun — Bath Chair(plus non-slip cushion) 沐浴椅(加送防滑軟墊)

Micro Sun — 沐浴椅(加送防滑軟墊)

● EVA泡沫材料,抗菌、無毒、環境保護材料覆蓋著座板和靠背,令用者非常舒適

● 座椅使用舒適的吹模 PE 塑料及藍色 EVA 泡沫材料

● 具熱塑性橡膠 (TPR ) 防滑腳膠

Micro Sun — Bath Chair (plus non-slip cushion)

● EVA foam material, antibacterial, non-toxic, environmental protection materials cover the seat plate and backrest, making the user very comfortable● Comfortable blow mold PE plastic and blue EVA foam● Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) anti-skid rubber

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