Fancl – Calolimit (120’s) 30 DayslFANCL

The product inhibits the absorption of sugar and fat in food. Eat and drink essential FANCL Perfect Slimming Cellulite Pills PerfectSlim 30 can accelerate fat burning and easily lose weight! Containing medlar and Tang Xinzi, it can promote fat decomposition and burning, and easily lose weight. HCA effectively prevents fat synthesis, and the slimming body is more efficient and lasts for a long time after eating, giving a feeling of continuous fullness and slimming. Suitable for people who need to lose weight and maintain their ideal body shape.

FANCL thermal control (calorie control CalorieLimit) 30-day all-round reduction of calorie absorption of white kidney bean extract inhibits the conversion of starch into sugar, while the leaves of the boots and mulberry leaves are broken down and the absorption is reduced. Clove and crab shells make food fat less susceptible to decomposition and help avoid excessive fat absorption.

4 capsules a day: calories: 2.7kcal, protein: 0.10g, fat: 0.02g, saccharide: 0.34g, edible fiber 0.34, sodium 1.1mg

4 main ingredients a day: Gymnema sylvestris extract 67mg, mulberry leaves 200mg, green tea 200mg, chitosan 100mg cowpea 4.8mg

[The most suitable for the following people]
– Can’t diet and hope to keep slim
– I want to control calories while absorbing balanced nutrition
– High fat, high sugar diet
[Note] For those who are allergic to crabs, pregnant women and breastfeeding, please avoid eating.

How to eat: 4 capsules a day (take 10-20 minutes before a meal. If you want to increase the effect, you can take 4 capsules before each meal, no more than 12 capsules per day)

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Precautions :
1. Due to differences in physical condition and physical condition, a few people may have rash symptoms. Please stop taking this product at this time.
2. Do not take pregnant, breastfeeding or young children.
3. If you are taking other medicines or are seeking medical attention, it is best to consult a doctor.
4. There is no quality problem due to the slight difference in color of the products using natural ingredients. .
5. Please keep out of reach of infants and young children.
6. This product is easy to absorb moisture, please be careful not to touch the product when the hands are wet, and keep the hygiene of the intake.
7. Please take it as soon as possible after the opening.
8. Contain desiccant, do not eat.
9. Consult your doctor when taking diabetes.
10. Crabs in raw materials, food allergies do not eat.


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