Fancl – Beauty synergy (180 Tablets for 30 days)

A formulation of apple polyphenols, silybin, HTC collagen and other six types of cosmetic ingredients. Tablet type beauty food for a shiny and beautiful day everyday.

An “anti-stress care”, which draws out the power of beauty from within. Daily care for the generation whose worries continue to increase. A luxuriously blend of nine kinds of beauty ingredients including apple polyphenols, HTC collagen, soy isoflavone, ginseng extract amongst others. It is a tablet type beauty food for youthful and beautiful day, everyday.

$ 488.48 $ 465.22

Materials / Ingredients
Polyphenol-containing apple extract powder (total 80% polyphenols): 83mg, silybin containing milk thistle extract: 462mg (silybin: 138mg), active soybean saponin type B: 10mg, bifidobacteria ※ production when the number of bacteria: 20 billion, HTC collagen ( tripeptide-rich collagen peptide): 900mg, as soy isoflavone aglycone: 25mg (total isoflavones: 40mg)


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