Autobot Vacuum Cleaner 便携吸塵機

AutoBot雖然迷你,但卻內置動力電池及使用全新渦輪風葉設計, 高效低耗,吸力強勁!設有獨特的防塵蓋及無線設計,無論邊到擺放及使用都好方便,放係車內不阻位仲可以使用車上的點煙器或USB插頭充電!加上可以水洗的HEPA級濾芯,可以循環使用。家中/汽車/辨公室都能用到的便攜吸塵機!

AutoBot is mini in size, it has a built-in power battery and a new turbine blade design. It is efficient, low-cost, and powerful! With a unique dust cover and wireless design, it is convenient to use. It can be charged in the car with a cigarette lighter or USB plug. It got a water-washable HEPA grade filter, it can be recycled. It can be used in the home/car/office!

$ 697.82 $ 593.15

重量:約 780g
輸入電流:DC5V / 2A
包裝尺寸:156 x 96 x 312 (mm)
電池容量:7.2V / 2000mAh
產品功率:68W,  4200pa超大吸力

[Product Information]

Weight: Approx. 780g

Material: Anodized Aluminum, ABS

Input Current: DC5V / 2A

Packing Size: 156 x 96 x 312 (mm)

Dust Box Capacity: 100ml

Battery Capacity: 7.2V / 2000mAh

Product Power: 68W, 4200pa suction


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